August 2016

August has been a funny month, with a heel injury I haven’t been able to run much and therefore missed out on four Strava challenges (half marathon, distance and two climbing ones). I did manage five challenges to take my total up to 247, which has to be near to a Strava record.


Once again the graphic is from Veloviewer, which shows my epic canalathon from Wolverhampton to Manchester, along with my foray up Tan Hill in very windy conditions.

My monthly cycling total was 1253km with 13306m of climbing. I also ventured to new places increasing my explorer score up to 5703 tiles and total segments up to 9800. My Eddington scores haven’t gone up much, 100 miles, 139km and 1680m. My Eddington scores for 2016 are now up to 50 miles, 65km and 920m. Hopefully September will be injury free.

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