October 2016

Another month of training completed, another 5 Strava challenges ticked off, although I did miss out on 3 running challenges as I’m still struggling with a heel injury. It’s not stopped me altogether, as I did run parkrun 4 times, 3 in Lancaster and once in Princes Park, Liverpool. (I was in Liverpool for the British Berad and Mustache Championships, post to follow soon).


Using Veloviewer you can see where I was during the month. Up to Staverley in the Lakes, Liverpool and my usual commuting near Wigan. I did get to some new places as my explorer score has added another 52 tiles, and my total number of segments is up another 200 to 10504. My Eddington scores are mostly unchanged, although for km it is now up to 140. As for the yearly Eddington score, they are, 55 miles, 70 km and 980m for climbing. As I said earlier, I completed 5 more Strava challenges, which brought my total up to 256, which I would love to know if it is a record.

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