November 2016

These months keep on ticking by. I’m now on my third post this month, and in all seriousness I am trying to post once a week. What have I managed in November? Well, my cycling has been well down as I took a week off in Whitby, as can be seen in the monthly training map below.


You can see the usual blob of rides around Lancaster, along with my commute. There was also plenty of runs around Whitby and a new parkrun in Dalby Forest, which was great. In the month I completed three parkruns and an open water swim, the Firework 500, which was damn cold. If you’re in the area I would recommend My Tri Events, as they put on great races.


I completed another seven Strava challenges, even though I missed out on two running challenges and the cycling distance one. This takes my total up to 263. I also added another 41 explorer tiles and another 77 segments. Eddington wise, nothing much changed, so I’ll leave that to next month.

Last weekend the City of Lancaster Tri (COLT) Club had their Christmas do, and I was made the Mens club champion, all because of my continuous triple Ironman distance race earlier in the year. The trophy has pride of place on my ‘trophy’ shelf, along with my medals, which are now proudly on display, as you can see below.


And, that’s it for this month šŸ™‚

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