The Rapha Festive 500

It’s that time of year when Rapha sponsor a Strava challenge – 500km in eight days over Christmas. I had completed this particular challenge four times in the past, and each time Rapha have sent me a nice roundel (cloth badge).


I can add that I have completed the 2016 edition, so I will be able to add one more roundel to my collection. This year wasn’t too bad, with only one really cold day, and two rides with strong winds, which was better than previous years. Last year was wet for much of it, and 2014 was freezing. The 500 also presents other challenges, as a couple of years I have had to work and in 2014 I finished work on New Year’s Eve and once home had another 50km to do. 2012 I visited my parents for Christmas and didn’t take a bike, so only had five days to complete the challenge. In 2012 there were less than 4000 people who finished it, which shows how ubiquitous Strava has become. This year went relatively smoothly in-comparison, as can be seen in the Veloviewer wheel for the eight days.


Most years I have crawled over the finish line with barely one km to spare, but this year I managed 523km. In total I have done 2535.6km over the five challenges. This year was also the first time that I had done the whole challenge on the same bike, my Scott. Below is a percentage breakdown of how much each of my bikes has been used over the Festive challenges.

  • Trek Cobia 112.7 km 4.4%
  • Cannondale 145.9 km 5.8%
  • Forme 219.2 km 8.6%
  • Scott 1004.4 km 39.6%
  • Colnago 1051.9 km 41.5%

I would expect to still have my Scott for the 2017 edition of the Festive 500, and would also therefore expect it to take a commanding lead in the stats.

December stats and end of year stats should follow in blog entries in the next few days, and if I don’t see you, have a great 2017.

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