Last year, on 2nd January, me and Helen (my beautiful wife) ran/walked up Ingleborough, although we didn’t get all the way due to the heavy mist. We couldn’t see a thing, so we turned back early.

This year we tried again. The weather in Clapham was great, sunny, no wind and not too cold.


There is a waterfall behind us, honest.


Progress was good, and we soon made it past the narrow gully with the rocks and over the last sty. You can see the top was covered in a light dusting of snow, which from down here was fine. Gradually as the path got steeper the wind picked up, until almost at the top the wind was ferocious, with ice covering most of the rocks.


Wearing ALL my clothes 🙂


Nelly, our dog, wasn’t happy at the top, and my foot was beginning to hurt, so we made the decision to head back down, passing loads of people all on the way up. I couldn’t believe how many people there were. Why aren’t you all in bed hungover?

We stopped for a break and our sandwiches in a sheltered area near the sty, and then set off down the rocky path.


We saw an 80 year old couple near these rocks. I hope that we are still able to get up there in 30+ years. Once past these rocks the path is easy once again, and soon we were back in Clapham. We had only done 11.5 km, but it had taken almost four hours, which is a testament to how tough the route is.

Once again we didn’t get all the way to the top, although Helen had a crazy idea that we could go in the summer. As I said – crazy.

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