Whatever the question, the answer almost always is Cycling

Bad day at work, or your train was delayed by two hours, go out on your bike and everything feels better.

Still feeling fat and unfit after Christmas, go cycling.

Gym membership too expensive, if only there was something else, like maybe a bicycle.

Driving to work leaves you stressed and full of road rage, cycle to work instead and be a victim of road rage.

Car journeys feel like your moving too fast and you can’t see the countryside. You’ll never miss a thing on a bike.

Parking your car in a city centre costs a fortune, cycle racking is free.

Fed up with the school run, cycle instead and tell the kids to cycle too.

Too old to be sitting poolside drinking all day on your holidays, get out there on a bike, see the bits the locals keep to themselves.

Obesity crisis, NHS crisis?

Congestion in your town/city is a joke. Help to solve the problem by leaving the car at home.

Air pollution got you choking, you know what the answer is. I’ll come back to this issue in the future as it is something I’m qualified to talk about.

Zombie apocalypse, get a bike, escape zombies. Walking dead, where are the bicycles?

One thought on “Whatever the question, the answer almost always is Cycling

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