January 2017

Not a huge amount has happened training wise in January, and absolutely nothing has happened racing wise, not even a single park run. I have managed to complete five more Strava challenges, taking my total up to 277. I missed out on the Lululemon running challenge, as well as the half marathon and the running monthly distance challenge. I did finish the run climbing challenge, mostly because of walking up Ingleton with the wife on the 1st. (https://beardsandtriathlons.wordpress.com/2017/01/01/ingleborough/)

The usual Veloviewer “wheel” shows where I got to this month, including South Lakes zoo, which was fun, except for the penguins, who didn’t look too happy. I had a good ride up to Ravenstonedale towards Kirkby Stephen, which is the ride line heading north.


There were quite a few rides around Blackpool and the Fylde coast, as I attempted to increase my Veloviewer maximum explorer square. It is now up to 15 x 15. (https://beardsandtriathlons.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/veloviewer-explorer-max-square/)

This is also the seventh post this month, a new record. This little blog has also had more views this month than it did in the whole of last year. Why is this? I’ve started to share a few of my posts, including a recent post about air quality, which had 31 views on one day. I have a list of blog posts that I intend to write in the future, which is now up to ten. I am going to make an effort to post more, and share some of the more interesting ones.

More ramblings and rubbish from the bearded triathlete soon.

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