18pence per mile

I’m the kind of person who likes to keep stats and the odd spreadsheet. I have one that I use to keep track on how many miles each of my bicycles has done. My Principia (https://beardsandtriathlons.wordpress.com/2016/09/25/my-best-bike-ever/) is in 3rd place with my Scott in 5th. 1st and 2nd still belong to bikes that I no longer own. My Cannondale which I had for 17 years, is in 1st place, and is the bike graveyard. He was a good bike. This was from the 1999 Lanzarote Ironman.lanzarote-1999-2

In 2nd place is my old Colnago, currently being ridden by my wife’s youngest son, who has his second triathlon coming up in April. Good luck Danster.

Back to the topic, and once you have all these stats, you need to do something with them. I started to keep track on how much each bike costs, including new chains, tyres and servicing at my local bike shop.

My Forme,


which I commute on, has done over 8,000 miles, and works out at 18pence per mile as it was a fairly cheap bike. My Scott, which was more expensive but has done more miles, works out at 21pence per mile. My Trek, on the other hand, has cost me over £1 per mile as I’ve had it less than 6 months and its not even done 1,000 miles.

My last car, an old beat up Citroen, which cost me £1000 and was sold 18 months later for £150, worked out at somewhere between 31 and 45 pence per mile. This is including tax, insurance, MOT, new alternator and petrol. My insurance was £700 a year as I hadn’t had a car for ten years. Why don’t you try to calculate what your car costs per mile, but you have to add up everything, including fuel and that cheap air freshener. It’s a scary amount.

My train journey from Lancaster to Wigan and back works out the same as my Forme, at 18pence per mile, although my bike will probably work out cheaper in a few hundred more miles. That reminds me that I need a new rear tyre and a new chain before the end of February.

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