February 2017

Another month gone and soon it will be spring, although there hasn’t been too many days of ice up here in the north. So, what have I been up to this month. I have now completed 280 Strava Challenges, adding another three this month, but missing out on four, all of the running ones. This would be the first month since 2013 where I haven’t finished a single running challenge. On the up though, the injury is starting to feel better.


Cycling wise I managed 1251km, with plenty of up, 12336m to be precise.My longest ride in February was only 122km, but I did complete the monthly Grand Fondo 3 times.  As usual most of my cycling has been around Lancaster, with my commute in Wigan. There extra blue dot near Oxford was from walking into the middle of a field to place some air quality monitoring equipment on site. My total number of different segments now stands at 10941 (84 new segments) with my explorer score up to 5960 (only 7 new tiles). Climbing Eddington score is up to 1700m, but distance scores haven’t changed. Yearly, my Eddington scores are up to 22miles, 28km and 440m for climbing.

I’ve had my Scott Addict for two years and blogged about it, obviously.


I also entered one event, the Coal Road Challenge, which wasn’t a race, and as expected, blogged about it as well, which has become my most read blog entry.


I have become more confident with my blog, sharing more links and trying to promote it a little bit more. The result is that I’ve had over 500 views so far this year, and have been given some ‘likes’, as well as gaining a couple of followers, which is nice.

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