Book Review 2017 Part II

In my first book review of the year (can be found here) I reviewed four books. This time it’s just the one book, mostly because it’s a long read.

Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama


I’d never heard of the author, but the blurb on the cover made it look interesting, so I gave it a punt. The book can take a while to get your head around, as there is lots of Japanese police procedure. The main character, Mikami, was a seasoned detective who has been transferred to press relations, against his will. His daughter has also run off from home and has been missing for a few months, feared dead. Behind all this is an unsolved 14 year old kidnapping case, with the code name six-four. This case is a blot on the local police force as the kidnapper was never caught, the ransom money was never recovered and the kidnapped schoolgirl was murdered. On top of all this intrigue, the police commissioner from Tokyo is planning a visit, for nefarious reasons.

The book is quite long and although sometimes feels as if not much is happening, I was hooked from very early on. The final few chapters are brilliantly described as you feel like you are ‘there’, and I won’t reveal where ‘there’ is. There are also more than a couple of threads unresolved, so I am really hoping that the author is currently writing the sequel.

If you’re local to Lancaster, you can borrow my copy, you won’t be disappointed.

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