March 2017

Another month, and another six Strava challenges completed, taking my total up to 286. Hopefully I’ll manage something spectacular for my 300th challenge. The map below (from Veloviewer) shows where I’ve been this month.


The usual rides around Lancaster, my commute between Wigan and Leigh, and then a weekend away in north Wales, around the Llyn Peninsula, blog post here. The new area to explore has taken my explorer tiles up over 6,000, with the number of segments now over 11,000. No movement in my Eddington scores, but my 2017 scores are up to 28 miles and 33 km.

At the end of last year I mentioned that I was going to aim to ride 10,000 miles, run 1,000 miles and swim 100 miles. Three months in and I’m 300 miles behind my target for cycling, and 60 miles behind with my running, although I have been injured. Swimming though I am less than 100 lengths behind, so I can easily make that up.

Finally, my blog had over 600 views in March, and has had over 1,200 views in total, which is nice.

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