April 2017

Another month has flown by, and therefore it’s time for my monthly review. My explorer score has jumped by another 39 tiles and the total number of segments by another 200. However, I completed 8 more challenges, taking my total up to 294. There is a good chance that I might reach 300 by the end of May.

My monthly map of where I’ve been is interesting, as I’ve done a couple of rides and runs in Salisbury (here), a couple of long walks in London, and a mini-adventure with my wife to Grinton and Penrith (herehere and here).


My blog is coming along nicely, with a few hundred hits each month, although I still only share some of the posts on Facebook, not all of them. I did get quite a few hits on my Veloviewer max explorer entry (here), as Veloviewer blogged about some of the people with huge max scores, and somehow people found a link to my blog, which was nice. I’ve also been blogging at least twice a week, so apologies to the dozen regular readers for filling their inboxes with my ramblings.

And that’s all for this months review 🙂

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