Milestones – Part II

Last week I blogged about reaching a milestone, namely reaching 100,000km of cycling since I joined Strava (read about it here). This is the second part of three Milestones that I have reached all at about the same time. Part II is, wait for it, 100 rides on my Trek 920.


The moment I saw this beast in the Trek catalogue I knew I would be getting one. I wanted a bike that I could go touring on and not worry about the odd trail as well as a bike that I could do some gentle off-roading. ‘Barry’ is the perfect bike for all that, and my wife named him after an ice-cream desert from a Chinese restaurant. I’ve had him for almost 18 months and I’ve blogged about adventures with him many a time, including earlier this week around Skipton (here) and last year’s Easter tour (here, here and here).


I continue to smile every time that I take him out, and the only changes I’ve made since he rolled out of the shop is a replacing the saddle with a Brooks Cambium.

As expected, some stats. Total distance 4,144 km, climbing 47,000 m, kudos 6,780, average distance per ride 26 miles.

Another bonus about this bike is to do with tile or square hunting on Veloviewer. Some of the more hard to get squares invariably involve dirt tracks, farm tracks or bridleways, which are not always accessible on your more regular road bike.

When I’m out other cyclists often comment on the size of the tyres, and I joke about how great the bike will be when I’m crossing the deserts of Kazakhstan. Next up is a four day touring break with my beautiful wife at Easter, although a bit closer to home as we head off to York.

Here’s to the next 100 rides.