Book Review 2018 – Part V

I’m catching up with another book review here. Generally I like to group two books that go well together in one review, but this time they are like the opposite of two peas in a pod. Maybe they are similar, much like a carrot and a washing machine are.


I like Tim Moore’s writing and have read most of his books, including reviewing one of his in my first book review, many aeons ago (read it here). In that book he was cycling from northern Finland to the Med, in winter, on an old shopper made before the iron curtain came down. Bonkers! Loved it!

This time he is driving around Britain visiting the worst places, staying in the worst hotels, drinking in the worst pubs, driving the worst car and listening to the worst music. The car is an Austin Maestro, say no more. Hotels and pubs as reviewed on Trip Advisor. He went to Hull, Grimsby, Middlesborough and even staying in the last surviving Pontins.

It was a good read, although slightly depressing in an up-beat kind of way, although I would have put my foot down if I’d had to endure listening to Phil Collins.

The Rivers of London is a book that I’ve heard lots about, but it passed me by, until browsing my local Waterstones with a book token in my pocket which needed to be spent. I enjoyed it, but I still can’t really explain what it was all about. It’s got Vampires and Ghosts, a small sub-division in the Police force that deals with these sort of things, and a multitude of women who are ‘The Rivers of London’. There is also Old Man Thames and his tributaries upstream from London. They are all part of the main plot, a whole slew of grizzly murders.

The book is bizarre and unlike almost anything I’ve read before, and although I did enjoy it, I’m not sure that I enjoyed it enough to buy any of the sequels, which I think there are another five in the series. If I see one in the little library round the corner I will definitely pick it up (read about it here).

In other book related news, my parents have found my Kindle and returned it to me, which is a bonus if I’m traveling light, but might want to read lots and lots.

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