Ironman UK Bike Route Update

For those of you living in the south, or those of you not too good on your geography, there is a large fire on Winters Hill at the moment.


Why is this important? Well, the IMUK bike route goes up and over Sheephouse Lane, which is next to Winter’s Hill, and is currently closed to traffic. Firefighters and the army are using it as a base to combat the fire. This morning the A675 from Bolton to Belmont was closed because of smoke from the fire. If I was to look for an alternative route, the A675 is what I would use. The BBC has stated that the fire is expected to continue for at least another week, and with no rainfall predicted, the current IMUK bike route looks like it will have to be changed.

The race organisers are aware of the situation, so I assume that they must be working on an alternative route. I doubt very much that the race would be cancelled, and at worst it might involve three or four laps of the second half of the route. It would be a shame if Sheephouse Lane was closed for the race, as along with COLT Alley (Babylon Lane) it is one of the noisiest and more iconic parts of the route.

I think that IMUK should publish a revised route as soon as possible, so that supporters can find alternative places to cheer. I’m intending to be near the Bolton football stadium in Horwich, cheering everyone one when they still have a hundred miles to cycle. I’ll be wearing a COLT shirt and be sporting a rather large beard. Wave or say ‘hi’ if you see me, and good luck if you’re racing.

3 thoughts on “Ironman UK Bike Route Update

  1. They could turn left at the top of COLT alley and follow the back road through the back of Chorley – comes out near David Lloyd leisure where it would pick up the old course, but would be a massive issue with traffic lights, would need the Wheelton road to be closed I think. Another alternative would be to go over Anglezarke Moor – right at the top of COLT Alley, then left. You’d add in a very nasty steep hill, but not have the traffic light problem.

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