Ironman UK Bike Route Update II

A few days ago I blogged about the possibility of IMUK having to alter the bike route (read about it here). IMUK have now announced that the route has been changed, and reduced in length to 95 miles. I was expecting the route change, but I was also expecting that IMUK would make up the miles somewhere around the other side of the course. Not enough notice for the police and the local authority I presume.

So, the revised route, what is it like? Hilly and technical. The revised route heads over Anglezarke Hill, which not as long as Sheephouse Lane, it is steeper. The descent is also very technical and very steep. Additionally, you lose the long fast section from Belmont to the M65. Anglezarke is not a hill I would want to ride on a tri-bike, but if you’re steady and it’s not wet, you should be OK.

Finally, I’m not sure where the masked Mexican wrestlers from Sheephouse Lane will be, although they are making a stance for your extra 17 miles.

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