Book Review 2018 – Part VIII

Something different here, following on from the theme of Black Tot Day which I wrote about a couple of days ago (read about it here), is a book about rums.


As with any books like this, 101 bicycles to ride, hills to climb, guitars to play, films to watch, etc, it is all very subjective. One of the best rums that I’ve ever tried, La Hechicera from Colombia, isn’t included, but the book does include a few distinctly average rums. I wouldn’t have included Bacardi, Kraken or The Duppy Share. Bacardi do produce some very good rums, but the white rum isn’t one of them. Kraken is a marketing win, and there are plenty of other spiced rums on the market which are far better. At least Malibu wasn’t included, although the very excellent pineapple infused rum from Plantation is.

That’s the negative stuff from the book out of the way. The good stuff is that it does include some very good rums which I’ve tried, El Dorado from Guyana, Angostura from Trinidad and of course Goslings. The book also contains reviews of at least 70 odd rums which I haven’t tried, all varieties, ages and prices, and as each review seems fair it will help with each new bottle that I decide to try.

If you’re not a fan of rum, then I would suggest you try a Dark ‘n Stormy, Goslings dark rum mixed with ginger beer, or a good quality sipping rum, anything from the Foursquare distillery or from Doorlys. Either way, rum is a much maligned spirit with far more depth than is given credit, and it could well be the next big thing.

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