The scatter-gun approach to blogging

My first blog entry was just over four years ago and back then I would write maybe once a month, at the most. I would also never share the fact that I had a blog with anyone, hence why my blog only had 8 views in 2014.

My approach to blogging is, as the title suggests, very scatter-gun. You never really know what I’ll be writing about next. Triathlons? Beards? A book review? I have moved all of my Lancaster air quality stuff to a separate blog (here), after all, someone interested in the local air quality probably isn’t going to want to know about long distance swimming without a wetsuit (Isoman Race Report). I like to think that my blog is similar to a three ringed circus. If you don’t like the clowns, then some dancing horses will be along soon, or a strongman.

There are loads of websites and blogs out there all informing you how to improve your blog, and how to get more hits. I’ve not read any of them. More hits would be nice, but most of the time I still don’t share most of my entries on Facebook. I think this is a confidence thing. Who would want to read what I have to say, and what if the way I’m saying it is rubbish? Does my humour come across, or do I just sound a bit odd? Informative for other people, or too much about me.

I don’t know then answers to any of those questions, so what I’m going to do is keep on blogging and continue to try to improve my writing.

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