The end of an era

Yesterday was my last commute by bike, probably. The company I work for is moving office at the weekend to Horwich, which is less than 10 minutes walk from Horwich Parkway, so no more lugging my old bike on and off trains (here). No more will I worry about the dangerously close passes (here) and I won’t have to wear the brightest jacket you’ve ever seen (here).

My old commuting bike has seen some miles, especially as it’s done over 1,000 rides (here).


The last few weeks haven’t been too bad as it is the school holidays, but come September and it will start to get cold and dark, and the roads would be busy once again. I’m pleased to have survived as there were times when the traffic was so dangerous I almost quit. I should also probably buy a new pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres as they are nearly worn out, although I didn’t get a single puncture.

I’m sure this won’t be the end of my old faithful bike, but for now, he’s hanging up in the cellar waiting for when he’s next called upon.

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