Parkrun pb

Amazingly, last Saturday I managed a personal best (pb) at my home town parkrun, Lancaster. It was the 30th time I’ve run at Lancaster and my previous best was 20:15. Now it is down to 19:44.


What did I do differently? Have I increased my training?

No, the answer is that the route was altered. Instead of two laps with half paved and half on dirt, this week it was 5 laps all paved with no technical bits. There was a dangerous tree in the other half of the park.

I also finished in 6th place, only one place behind my highest finishing position. When I received the results I noticed with surprise that I was fourth in my age group (45-49). The only non vet in the top ten was the winner. Plenty of good running in these old ‘uns.

The aim now of course, is to manage Lancaster parkrun in under 20 minutes on the proper route. There is also a new fairly local parkrun in Fleetwood which is completely flat which we might have a look at next week. Under 19 minutes is possible.

After that, another ten parkruns and I will have reached 50, which along with my beautiful wife we’re hoping to do at the same time later in the year, although I will have to miss a week as Helen is one behind me at the moment. It’s taken over two years to get to 40, so full on respect to those who have done 500.

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