Book Review 2018 – Part XI

You all know that I’m a sucker for a round the world bike ride book, so as soon as Mark Beaumont had finished writing his latest book there was never any doubt that I would be buying it.


This is Mark’s second round the world book. His first detailed how he broke the round the world record, taking it down to about 180 days, although he was riding unsupported. This book is all about taking the record down to 80 days, following in the steps of Phileas Fogg. The difference this time is that Mark was fully supported with two camper vans following him all the time. This allowed Mark to concentrate on averaging 240 miles per day and sometimes more than 16 hours of riding. I have ridden over 200 miles in a day on a number of occasions, and I can tell you that I didn’t feel like doing it again the following day.

I avidly followed Mark during his attempt as his team uploaded his route each day to Strava, and I was just one of thousands of people to give him Kudos each day.

The book doesn’t just cover the round the world section, it looks at the team and the fundraising, as well as the two week trial run around the coast of Britain, where not all of his team made the grade.

I literally rushed through this book, much like Mark did around the world, and thoroughly enjoyed it, finishing it in a couple of days. The dynamics between Mark and his team on the road, and between the team based in the UK was riveting. It will be interesting to see what Mark does next, and also interesting to see if anyone tries to break what is surely an unbreakable record.

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