Book Review 2018 – Part XII

This was a totally unexpected book, which I bought thinking it would be vastly different.


The premise of the book is four siblings, who when they are young go to visit a fortune teller, who tells each one of them in turn exactly what day they will die. The book roughly split into four parts, with each part focusing on a different sibling; one of whom becomes a dancer, another a doctor, a scientist and finally a magician. The magician has an act called The Immortalist, hence the name of the book.

I was expecting some kind of sci-fi thriller, instead the book is all about the four siblings as they grow up and their family. The death date is actually quite a minor part of the story and not really too important, especially as no one believes that sort of thing.

Once again this is a book that I enjoyed from start to finish, and unlike Mark Beaumont’s latest book (reviewed here) which I raced through, this book I took my time with, savouring every page. I’m not going to tell you if the death dates are accurate or not, but I will tell you that this is a book you should read. This is Chloe’s second book and I am very tempted to check out her first – The Anatomy of Dreams, published in  2014.

Not the sort of genre I usually read, but I’m glad that I did.

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