Bedside Stack of Books

I’m sure I’m not the only person with a large pile or stack of books next to the bed which you are going to read.


I’ve decided that I’m going to start at the bottom and work my way up, as my most recent purchases are all at the top. A couple of the hardbacks at the bottom have been there so long that the paperback version has been released. The stack of books isn’t helped by the fact that it was my birthday last month and among the many gifts that I was given, was a Waterstones voucher and a Book Token. This coupled with the One4all vouched that I was given at work, which confuses some shops, so I generally only use it at Waterstones. They will probably send me a Christmas card this year I’m in there so often.

I should probably not buy any more books until my stack is slightly less dangerous, although my excuse is that the One4all vouchers are only valid for one year, so I really should spend it quickly.

A couple of other books on my stack were handed to me by my wife, who thought that I would like them, and another couple of books I borrowed from Little Free Library on the next street (read about it here).


I’ve almost finished Fear by Bob Woodward and next after that will be Artemis by Andy Weir, a heist on the moon. I really enjoyed the film version of his earlier book The Martian, which I will look for if Artemis lives up to the reviews.

How large is your stack of bedside books?

5 thoughts on “Bedside Stack of Books

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