Book Review 2018 – Part XIII

I’m not a fan of Trump. This isn’t new. I’ve never liked him, mainly for his business practices of trying to stiff regular people, the bluster, and pretending to be a successful businessman. If you inherited $400 million from your father and still declare bankruptcy half a dozen times, you are not a successful businessman.

You might have guessed that this book review is reviewing a book about Trump. Earlier in the year I read Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff (read about my review here), which definitely pandered to the Trump haters.


As expected from a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Fear is a far more measured account of Trump’s time in The Whitehouse. It is less salacious than Fire and Fury, and even praises Trump when he gets things right, although those moments are few and far between.

The total chaos in the administration is laid wide open, along with the general ineptitude and short attention span of Trump. As with other books, there is plenty of talk about trying to manage Trump in much the same way that you would manage a very spoilt toddler. His close staff and family try to limit the amount of cable news that he would watch, as left to his own devices he would watch hours at a time. There is no doubt that he is a moron, a racist, and a liar, along with being  corrupt, treasonous, lacking in any kind of empathy and more than likely a full blown sociopath.

The books ends with the resignation of Trumps lawyer John Dowd, who states that he couldn’t defend Trump because “he is a fucking liar”.

If you’re only going to read one political book this year then this is the one to read. Well written, well researched and by an author who has written a dozen books about the last few presidents.

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