Instagram Knows Everything

Like most people I have an Instagram account (Beards and Triathlons if your wondering). When I set it up I clicked to allow Instagram access to my phone without even thinking about it, as almost everyone does.

Yesterday on my Instagram feed there was a sponsored image, as there is everyday. The difference was that this advert was for submitting an article to a scientific journal. I have a PhD so I have submitted articles in the past. The scary thing about this advert was that the day before I received an email from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, one of the top ranked scientific journals in the world. My old PhD supervisor has taken a chapter from my thesis, re-written it, added to it, and submitted it for publication with me as one of the authors, hence why I received an email.

The Instagram advert made me realise that Instagram has access to my emails. There is no other explanation, which is pretty scary. Is it possible to download the Instagram app onto my phone without giving it access to everything else on your phone? Nothing is confidential, big brother is definitely watching.

2 thoughts on “Instagram Knows Everything

  1. I experienced a similar occurrence the other day. I searched for “grey elastic belts” on my Amazon phone app. The next time I pulled up Facebook, there was the exact Amazon ad in my newsfeed. This stuff is all connected. When they start reading my mind, that’s when I will drop all of my technology!

  2. Yep. Its all slowly connecting. I have a friend that was discussing an upcoming fishing trip with family…all sitting in her living room. No phones or computers were involved. The next day she started seeing adds for fishing locations and equipment. The only explanation she could figure was her “Alexa” was on and sitting in the same room during the conversation. Yep. THAT is really freaky when you stop to think about the whole “big brother” scenarios.

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