Book Review 2018 – Part XVII

In my first book review of 2017 I blogged about a book by Tim Moore, The man who came in from the cold (here) and then earlier this year I read another of his books, Oh you are awful but I like you. It does appear that Tim has become a little more prolific, as here I am reviewing yet another of his books.


This book has a simple premise; road trip across America. From the cover you might notice that the difference is that Tim plans to travel coast to coast in a 1924 Model T Ford. He also plans to attempt to navigate via the reddest of red counties and states, the ones that overwhelmingly voted for Trump. The car opens plenty of doors for Tim, as people are readily happy to chat with him, and, on a few occasions, repair it.

Tim wanted to meet ordinary Trump supporters and find out why they voted for him and what makes them tick. What he found was regular people, eager to help, kind, warm and friendly. Many of them don’t particularly like Trump, but really didn’t like Clinton, especially when she called Trump supporters deplorables. A deeply divided nation.

It’s a very good book with the usual humour and hoplessness we’ve come to expect from Tim. As an aside, today Trump is in France and was supposed to visit one of the cemetaries where thousands of American soldier were laid to rest. He decided not to go because it was raining. The sooner that this Trump sized stain is removed from office and locked away the better.

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