Book Review 2018 – Part XVIII

Yet another book review. This was a book where the author was interviewed on Radio 2 as I was driving home from work earlier this year. I thought the book sounded interesting so I bought it, where upon it sat in my stack of books to read for another six months. I’ve now read it.


You Don’t Know Me by Imran Mahmood is all about a black youth accused of murder. His trial is over, he’s fired his QC and he is giving the closing statement himself. This is where we find out about his life, friends, family and girlfriend, as well as all about the murder as he tells his tale to the jurors. He points out that his story isn’t the same as was heard during the trial.

From the off the book had me hooked as I really wanted to know everything as the author slowly reveals the story behind the murder. Unfortunately the book slows down a bit towards the end, especially after one particularly good twist. The end also doesn’t feel quite right. The reason why the accused is giving his closing statement works well, but I was left a little let down, as I said, the ending didn’t really work for me.

This is one of the few books set in a court that I’ve read that hasn’t been written by John Grisham, and I did enjoy it and will definitely look out for Imran’s next book.

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