Santa Dash

Santa Dash’s are everywhere now. Until today I’d never done one. Last week there was one on in the centre of Lancaster, which I didn’t really fancy. Too many shoppers. Today though, the University were organising their own Santa Dash. £5 entry, free Santa hat, medal and a mince pie, with all profits going to Dementia charities.


The ‘race’ was a very friendly and relaxed affair, with well over 100 entrants, mostly students. The route was one lap of the campus, up through the woods next to the M6 and back down to the lake next to the sports centre.

My lovely wife told me to push on and go at my pace, but I was quite happy to run at Helen’s pace. There were no prizes for the winners, or even anyone taking down numbers as we finished. Position and time completely irrelevant. The course was advertised as 3km, but my Garmin had it down as 2.6km. Again, not important.

I had thought about going out cycling in the afternoon, but the weather was once again cold and wet, so one lap walk of the park with Nelly was the favoured option. It was a great little event and well done to the students who organised it. We will be back next year, especially as each year my beard is a little more greyer.


Finally, a big thank you to everyone involved.

2 thoughts on “Santa Dash

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