Book Review 2018 – Part XX

Another book finished. The Associate by John Grisham.


I have a kind of love/hate relationship with JG’s books. I find them very easy to read. Airport or holiday books, perfect for sitting on a beach, but sometimes they lack enough meat for me to get my teeth into. The last one I read, which I can’t remember the name of, and I can’t find a review for, was eminently forgettable.

The Associate is much better and kept me interested all the way through. I won’t give a run down on the plot, because the plot is fairly thin. The cover of the book says it all. It’s a deadly game of blackmail, and they’re making him play.

As with most of Grisham’s books, there isn’t really a satisfying ending. You can tell when you’ve only got 40 or 50 pages left to read and there are still loads of loose ends, that many of the threads and characters are going to be left hanging. Not a bad book by a long way and definitely better than anything by Dan Brown, but nothing special, hence why I took the book to the next street where there is a little free library (read about it here).

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