Ford Parkrun, Ulverston

I’ve blogged a couple of times before about how brilliant parkrun is. Read about my pb at Lancaster parkrun here, and about reaching 25 parkruns here. I’ve also recently started to listen to the free weekly timed parkrun podcast with Vassos Alexander (former sports bloke from the Chris Evans radio show) and Louise Ayling (uber-parkrun tourist), which is very enjoyable. One item that caught my attention was the extra stats that were available if you download a plug-in for either Chrome or Firefox. I will blog about these stats sometime in the future, but one of them that was particularly interesting was my NENDY – Nearest Event Not Done Yet. According to the stats, based on distance as the crow flies from my home parkrun of Lancaster, my NENDY was Ford parkrun in Ulverston. Me and my beautiful wife therefore decided that this Saturday we would have a road trip, along with our loyal pointer, Nelly.

Ford parkrun is fairly new, with today being only the 24th event. We found the park without too much trouble and were immediately welcomed as old friends. Due to it being a bit damp we would be running the ‘winter’ route, which was four laps, including quite a tough little hill.

I chatted to a few people at the start who told me that they’ve only had 100+ runners on a couple of occasions. Secretly I was hoping to improve on my best finishing position of 5th.

The route was a little tricky with tight corners, a dead turn and a slippery grass section. Gradually as the run went on I managed to overtake a few people and finished in a very pleasing second place, although I was two minutes behind the winner. My brilliant wife finished in 32nd, which considering how narrow the paths were, and to be running with an unruly dog, was also very pleasing.

Overall a very pleasant trip to Ulverston, with some of the friendliest people. Not the easiest parkrun for a dog, but Nelly didn’t seem to mind.

Back home I had a look at my revised NENDY, which is now Blackpool, although I’ve promised my wife that we would do our fiftieth parkruns together. Today was my 49th and Helen’s 45th, so no parkruns for me for a few weeks.

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