Book Review: Philip Reeve – Mortal Engines

A couple of years ago I was asked to give a talk about air quality at at local Data Science Meet. They use the App Meetup to organise events, which I downloaded, although there hasn’t been another meeting for ages. Back to the App and I stated that I was interested in book clubs, so every few weeks I get a notification that the Post Apocalypse Book Club will be meeting in Manchester, and what book they will be discussing. I’ve never made any of their meetings as Manchester is a bit far to go to on a Tuesday night, but the book that they were due to discuss a couple of weeks ago caught my eye. As you might have guessed it was Mortal Engines.


Within a couple of pages I was hooked. The imaginary of cities moving around a desolate world, devouring smaller and weaker cities had me completely. Set far into the future after most of the world was destroyed in the 60-minute war, scavenging is a way of life for the nomadic cities. The book is mostly based upon London, a weary old city with a slightly unhinged mayor and a loyal archeologist, who might have found some ancient technology that could benefit old London.

I don’t want to give too much away, but as I said earlier, I was hooked big time. So much so that I have ordered the other three books in the quartet, and I am happily working my way through the second one. Book review to follow soon I’m sure. I will also have to look out for the film, which apparently was released last year.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Philip Reeve – Mortal Engines

  1. I heard an interview about that movie with Peter Jackson who produced it. . He bought the rights from Reeve before the Hobbit trilogy. Sounds like a watch

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