Parkrun Extras

Currently I’ve done 49 parkruns and have been there for a few weeks as I’m waiting for my wife to catch me up so that we can do our fiftieth together. Because of this, I’m getting my parkrun fix through other means. Last week I volunteered for the first time, although due to the ice Lancaster was one of many that was cancelled. I have added my name to the volunteers roster for the next two weeks, which should allow Helen to catch me up.

Apart from volunteering, my first fix comes from the free weekly timed podcast, which is a fun 30 minutes chat about parkrun with Vassos Alexander, the former sports guy from the radio 2 breakfast show, and Louise Ayling, the uber parkrun tourist.

From listening to a few of the older podcasts I came across an add-on for Firefox or Chrome from Running Challenges, which adds a whole load more stats to your official parkrun results page. These stats include p-index, wilson-index and your Tourist Quotient, with dozens more. One interesting stat is the all year runner. This lets you know how many parkruns you’ve done in each month. September is my busiest month with 8 parkruns, but alarmingly, I’ve not done a single parkrun in April. This will be remedied soon.

If stats are you thing, then go and find Elliott Line. This website is a weekly run down of parkrun, starting with a list of the largest and smallest parkruns. For example, on 3rd February 2019, the largest parkrun in the UK was Bushy Park with 1267, and the smallest was Fort William with just 16. There are then attendance records and any new parkruns along with how many people have reached milestones. Last week there were 875 runners who joined the 50 club.

Finally, a tourist map which is linked to your parkrun results page and shows where the nearest parkruns to your home location that you’ve not yet done. This is similar to the NENDY stat which I mentioned when me and my wife did Ford parkrun in Ulverston (read about it here), except that the map will show 10, 20 or even 30 nearest parkruns. You will need to enter your parkrun athlete number for it to work. To find it just search for ‘parkrun tourist tool’. Of course if you live in London or a large city then there will be loads to chose from, but up in Lancaster there are not too many nearby. That is until Morecambe parkrun starts up in the spring (hopefully).


It might be a while before we tick off Blackpool parkrun as we have a busy couple of months, but me and my beautiful wife are aiming to complete at least one tourist parkrun a month.


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