50 parkruns

It’s taken a while, but this weekend me and my beautiful wife finally managed to complete 50 parkruns. Our first parkrun was two and a half years ago at Skipton, a four lap affair with narrow paths. I remember it being tricky to overtake (or be overtaken) with less than 200 runners, so how they managed this year with over 400 is a mystery.

I reached 49 parkruns back in January when we went out to Ulverston for the Ford parkrun (read about it here). My wife still needed another three parkruns so that we could complete our 50th together. Due to various reasons this has taken a while. Ice and wind meant that Lancaster was cancelled twice in February and again in March. We also went on holiday to Skye for a week and had planned on running Strathclyde parkrun on the way up, but due to a ten car pile up on the motorway we missed the start.

It would have been nice to complete our 50th at our home parkrun in Lancaster, but as we were in Sowerby Bridge at the weekend we ran at the Halifax parkrun in Shroggs Park, and very nice it was too.


Official Council signs in the park were a nice touch, implying that the local council are keen to promote it, along with silly little signs like the one below. It wasn’t that big a hill, but we did have to run up it three times.


I was racing the next day so I was more than happy to run round with Helen and our pointer, Nelly. A pleasant little three and a half laps with just over 150 runners made for a good run and a happy post run family selfie.


I had a look on the parkrun stats website from Elliot Line (read about it here) and over 1300 people completed their 50th parkrun this weekend. All we have to do now is wait for an email with a link so that we can claim our free T-shirts, which we will wear with pride.

Out of the 50 parkruns that we’ve done, Ulverston had the friendliest marshalls, although we’ve never met a grumpy one. Fountains Abbey was the most picturesque, Cheltenham was the largest and Barrow had been running the longest.

Obviously next up is to complete 100, but I’m also looking forward to Morecambe parkrun starting up in a few weeks, as one of the drawbacks of Lancaster is that the nearest alternative parkrun is Preston, Fleetwood or Fellfoot. We’re also looking at attempting to complete one new tourist parkrun each month, with the nearest event not done yet (NENDY) being at Blackpool.

Here’s to the brilliance that is parkrun and long may it continue.

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