My Beard is kept in Fine Fettle

I recently blogged about the beard care products I use (read about it here) and I thought I would give a short update. Fine Fettle has become my essential after swim beard conditioner. It smells great, goes on easy and keeps my beard nice and soft all day, which is no mean feat after 3 miles of swimming. Anyone who follows my blog will know that this year I’ve been swimming more than ever, with over 100 miles completed before the end of April.

A few weeks ago my tin of Pachamama was empty, so I ordered more. The people at Fine Fettle had a new scent, so I thought that I would give it a go. Unfortunately, Vanilla in Sevilla was only available in a small tin, so I ordered another large tin of Pachamama.


As a way of apologising for not having my order in stock, I was sent a small tin and another small tin with a completely new scent. The Wayfinder’s Odyssey immediately became my wife’s favourite, with it’s woody scent, nicknamed in our house as ‘shed’, as a tribute to Reginald Perrin.

IMG_20190421_100901_912.jpgFor those of you who have never heard of Reggie Perrin let me explain. The very talented comedy actor Leonard Rossiter stared in the TV sitcom ‘The rise and fall of Reginald Perrin’. In the sitcom he fakes his own death and sets up a company selling rubbish called ‘Grot’, and one of the items it sells is an aftershave called ‘shed’. One of the best TV shows of all time, and much darker than anything else from that era.

Anyway, back to beards, and if you want some good quality beard products, I would recommend the team at Fine Fettle.


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