Random Triathlon Tips

The Horwich sprint triathlon is on this weekend. It’s a popular local early season pool based sprint triathlon. I’ve not entered as there always seems to be so much going on. I was swimming this morning in the pool that will be used for the triathlon, and I was chatting to a bloke with a large M-dot tattoo on his leg. Today was his first swim since Ironman UK back in July, and he’s doing the Horwich triathlon in 3 days time.

My random triathlon tip today would be if you’ve entered a race, no matter how short, you probably shouldn’t leave it that late before going for a swim.

2 thoughts on “Random Triathlon Tips

  1. The best tips are short and sweet. lol

    I’m training for Ironman Chattanooga here in the US and I have yet to do any swimming 9 weeks into my 30-week plan. Once I get my pool open I will probably just do two 45-minute swims a week until race day. Chattanooga has a pretty decent current aided river swim.

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