NENDY parkrun

NENDY? What on earth am I talking about now? Let me explain. NENDY is the acronym for Nearest Event Not Done Yet, and the ‘Event’ being parkrun. A couple of months ago I blogged about parkrun extras that were keeping me busy (read about it here).

There is a Chrome or Firefox extension for your parkrun results page with loads more stats, including your NENDY, which in my case was Blackpool parkrun. Closest in a straight line, or as crows fly, although I’ll let you into a secret, crows don’t always fly in a straight line.

I say ‘was’, because last Saturday myself and Nelly took a road trip to Blackpool. Nelly was so excited about running in a new park that even after half a dozen attempts she still wouldn’t look at my phone for a selfie.


It was fairly cold, even with the sun and blue sky. I was wearing my Canalathon t-shirt and even bumped into someone with a Canalathon bobble hat. You can read about Canalathon here and here.

As it was Star Wars day there were also a fair few people in fancy dress, as well as a few other dogs, including a cute little Spaniel called Twiglet and a big old hound called Rufus.

As per parkrun rules for running with a dog we started at the back and gradually made our way past slower runners, although there was one very narrow section. Two laps and plenty of support later we crossed the line in 24th place. We were both happy with that, especially as there were nearly 300 runners.

Blackpool parkrun was a great run, friendly, well marshalled and mostly flat, although I’ve yet to do a parkrun that isn’t friendly and well marshalled.


New NENDY is Clitheroe Castle, a hilly parkrun consisting of five laps. The above map is from a website called ‘tourist tool’, which is well worth a Google.

Also, almost two months after completing my 50th parkrun (read about it here), I am now the owner of my red 50 t-shirt, which will be worn with pride at parkrun this Saturday. I’m not sure where, but not far, so either Morecambe Prom or Lancaster. Possibly see you there.

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