Lancaster parkrun revisited

I’ve not run at Lancaster parkrun for almost two months as I’ve been all over the place. Me and my beautiful wife ran at Bushy park (read about it here), and then at Morecambe Prom at few times (here) as well as a solo outing to Blackpool (here), so it was good to be back at my ‘home’ parkrun.


The big difference is now that Morecambe Prom parkrun has become established, there are fewer runners at Lancaster. With it’s narrow paths it can be difficult running with Nelly. This year Lancaster has had over 300 parkrunners every week, with a couple of weeks more than 400. Last Saturday, even starting at the back, me and Nelly were able to run at our own pace early on, although I had cycled nearly 100 miles the previous day, so I wasn’t particularly speedy. There were 213 there, which is a nice manageable number.

We were back at Morecambe this morning as both me and Helen wanted a slightly longer run. I decided to run there and do parkrun and my wife would drive there with Nelly, do parkrun and run home.


I surprised myself with a Morecambe pb, even after a steady 10km. Nelly was first dog. Helen opted not to run home as she wasn’t feeling at her best, but after an amazing breakfast in Lancaster we were both feeling ready for anything.

We are both loving having two very different parkruns on our doorstep.

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