Annual Work Bike Ride – Day 1

I work for a fairly awesome company, and one great thing they do is organise an annual two day bike ride. Last year started and finished at the Carlisle office with an overnight stop in Kendal. This year 13 of us started from the Birmingham office and I am currently typing this on my phone in a hotel in Cirencester. It started well with one person falling off before we’d even left the car park. It wasn’t entirely his fault as his new overshoes had got caught under his cleat. We’ve all done it.

Today started and finished in the dry, but it heaved it down for the rest of the day. First stop was in a car park for snacks near Worcester. The place was busy but there was a great cycle path alongside the river. There was also maybe a hundred swans on the river. I had to Google to see what the collective noun is for a group of swans. If there are flying it is a Wedge, otherwise it’s a Bevy. I think a bastard of swans is probably better.

From there we headed south and stopped for lunch in a small village. Because we were a head of schedule and wet, the company paid for coffee in a local pub. Most welcome, although the pub might not have been as we dripped everywhere.

Into the town of Winchcombe, which sounds like the kind of place that would feature in a Half Man Half Biscuit song. Massive hill out of the place and first time that I had needed the small chain ring.

The roads were narrow country lanes, although surprisingly busy, most likely used as rat runs. There followed a couple of hundred metres on the A40 before our last stop of the day on Cold Comfort Common.

A few miles later I stopped to take a photo of a pig in a field with a donkey.

From there it stopped raining and the sun even came out for the last few miles in Cirencester.

Distance for the day 123km with 1400m of climbing. Tomorrow will be similar distance and climbing, but with nicer weather. Day 2 can be read here.

2 thoughts on “Annual Work Bike Ride – Day 1

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