Book Review: Me, my bike and a street dog called Lucy by Ishbel Holmes

A few weeks ago I was with my beautiful wife in our local Waterstones, looking for books, even though I have a pile next to my bed which if it fell over would cause considerable damage. I saw this book there, but opted not to buy it. Amazingly, a few days later out running with our silly dog Nelly, and as usual I came back home via Little Free Library (read about it here on the next street. Inside the library was this book.


All I can say is what an amazing story. Ishbel was a former track sprinter with the Iranian national team, although her family moved to the UK when she was young. After giving up the track she set out to cycle round the world, but got waylaid in Turkey when she met this stray dog, which she named Lucy. Together they formed an amazing bond, and helped to repair each other.

The book isn’t always easy to read, as Ishbel doesn’t shy away from the trauma and abuse she suffered as a teenager. If you’re an animal lover then their treatment in Turkey is also hard to read, along with the almost non stop unwanted and unwarranted attention that Ishbel puts up with.

Putting all that aside, the book is heart warming and there are many people that Ishbel meets who do everything they can to help.

Any book about cycling and dogs is sure to grab my attention, but this book is worth checking out. If you’re in Lancaster then in the next few days I will place it back in the Little Free Library on Rydal Road.

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