Run For The World

I blogged about virtual challenges a while ago (read it here), but Run For The World is a new addition to the market. I recently signed up for a couple of challenges with Awesome Virtual Running, and while the medals are too bad, and they aren’t too expensive, the challenges lack a certain amount of ‘challenge’, as you can obtain the medal as part of a world wide team, no matter how little you ran that month.

Since December last year I’ve signed up each month with Swim The Distance virtual challenges, but last month for various reasons I failed to reach my target, and as a result I don’t get the medal, which is a shame as the June medal was quite nice.

Run For The World work on the same principle, if you don’t reach the target, you don’t get your medal. The USP (Unique Selling Point) with RFTW is that when you sign up the webpage links with your Strava page, so as you log your runs on Strava, your distance is immediately updated.

Lots of the challenges are themed, with the most recent one based on the Women’s World Cup. Another one is Wimbledon themed, although I haven’t signed up for that one as I didn’t like the medal. They are also running many of the challenges at half price as an introductory offer, as well as a few free ones. If that’s not enough, there are prize boxes available randomly, which I was lucky enough to win last week (see the photo below).


Along with me medal I received a headband (my wife won’t let me wear it), a wristband with pocket ideal for a parkrun barcode, a pound coin style locker token, a phone holder for running, a coaster, some stickers and a 10% discount for my next challenge.

I’m impressed with them so far and I hope that they succeed in a crowded market. If you like the look of them the link to their webpage is below. Tell them I sent you.

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