Book Review: The Dry by Jane Harper

My wife read this and really enjoyed it, so when she’d finished I picked it up. She mentioned that it wasn’t my usual sort of read, but I would like to think that I don’t have a ‘usual’ read, and that I’ll read anything if it’s good.


Set in the outback of Australia, a family has been murdered. Who did it?

Helping the local police is someone who used to live in the town when he was young, but was run out after being suspected of a different murder. He’s now a policeman in a big city and returned for the funerals, but ends up ruffling more than a few feathers.

The plot slowly evolves as facts are teased out. The characters are well written and come to life in the pages. I was gripped throughout and although I guessed who committed the murders, it didn’t really matter, especially as I only guessed it a couple of pages before it was revealed.

This is the debut book from Jane Harper, and I would like to think that she has a long and exciting career ahead. Hopefully she won’t be a flash in the pan and her next book (which I will keep and eye out for) is just as good.


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