Book Review: Kiss and Die by Lee Weeks

This was another book that I picked up from the Little Free Library on the next street (read about it here). I picked it up as I thought that it might interest my wife, but I started to read it and quickly realised that it would be too gruesome for Helen.

lee weeks

The back cover advertises the book as being about a female serial killer who only goes after cheating men. This is actually a small part of the book, and the more interesting character is the Hong Kong detective Johnny Mann and his backstory. He has recently found out that his father was a high ranking Triad worth millions, and detective Mann’s superior wants him to use this to try to infiltrate the Triads in Hong Kong.

After finishing the book I found out that it is actually the fourth Johnny Mann book by Lee Weeks. However, it is a very good stand alone thriller and you definitely don’t need to have read the others. A good gauge on how good a book is, is would you want to read more about the characters. In this instance I will be looking out for the other books in the series.

Overall an above average crime thriller that might be a little gory for some.

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