Book Review: John Dies @ the End by David Wong

This was another book recommended by the increasingly wrongly named Manchester Post Apocalypse Book Club. Possible the book could be described as Pre-Apocalypse. In the end it doesn’t really where or who recommended the book.


The book itself is a strange one, as it doesn’t really fall into any specific genre, although horror is probably the most apt. The start is amazing and had me hooked, although I absolutely didn’t have a clue what was going on. Towards the middle of the book it loses itself, with new characters that don’t stay around for long, and trying to be too weird. It feels like the book was written over a number of years while the author worked for living, which is exactly how it was written. The ending does mostly redeem the book.

The premise of the book is similar to Stephen King’s The Dome. Imagine a virus on a petri dish, the virus cannot see beyond the dish. In both cases, we are the virus on a petri dish, not able to see beyond our own dimension.

One measure of how much I enjoyed a book, is would I buy the sequel. A second volume has recently been published, This book is full of spiders – seriously dude don’t touch it, which is a great title for a book. However, unless I find a copy in the local Free Little Library, I probably won’t buy it. Additionally, even though I book this book new, I will be leaving it at the Free Little Library.


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