City Strides

The other week a couple of Helen’s friends came round for snacks, drinks and some board games. As expected they are both on Strava, but also told me about a website that I’d not heard of, similar to the Ride Every Tile ethos from Veloviewer. The website being City Strides, with the ethos of Run Every Street.

A couple of day later I found the site and signed up. It took most of a day for all of my Strava runs to be uploaded and processed, but in the end I found out that I had run almost 15% of the streets in the Lancaster area, and the Lancaster area is large, as seen on the map below.

City Strides

Interestingly, 15% put me in second place for the Lancaster area. Amazingly I was also in first place for the East Riding of Yorkshire with just under 2%. However, that area is absolutely huge.

In America and Canada most of the Cities are just the city, and not like Lancaster. I also found some photos on Instagram (#CityStrides) where people had managed to run 100% of the streets in their city. Even with all of the time in the world that isn’t something that I will ever manage in Lancaster because of the M6 motorway.

It is interesting to see how many streets within a 5 minute run of where we live that I haven’t run down. I did a short run this morning and added a couple of new streets and part of another 11 streets, which was all very confusing for Nelly, our silly English Pointer, who had no idea where we were running next.

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