Book Review: The Whistler by John Grisham

Until I looked inside the front cover I hadn’t realised just how many books John Grisham has written. I have fond memories of staying up until 3am reading The Rainmaker, even though I had work the next day. In fact the only book of his that I haven’t found to be totally gripping is The Rooster Bar, which was so bad that I didn’t even write a review.

The Whistler was a welcome return for me as I loved it from start to finish and polished it off in a weekend.


The book centres around the Board of Judicial Conduct, a small underfunded group of lawyers paid to investigate corrupt judges, and this would easily be their biggest case ever. The story is full of secretive meetings, unknown criminals, murders and a judge who might possibly be skimming millions of dollars a year from a casino.

There isn’t really too much to say. If you’ve read any of John’s books in the past then this is fairly standard for him, although definitely one of his better books.

A bonus for me was that it was another free book that I picked up from the Free Little Library on the next street. Currently my beautiful wife is sat next to me on the sofa reading a book that she picked up from the same place. Her book is so good that I will add it to the ever increasing pile of books teetering next to the bed. The John Grisham one I will be taking back to the Little Library tomorrow morning before parkrun.

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