Ireland Cycling Adventure – Day 2

The Leafield B&B did us proud with a full Irish breakfast (apart from the overcooked fried eggs) and good strong coffee. Just before 9am we set off up the A2 towards Larne. It was misty but not raining. It would have been nice to have been able to cycle around the other side of Larne Lough, but the small ferry across the inlet no longer operates. Fortunately the A2 in Northern Ireland is not as busy as it’s English equivalent.

Interesting sculpture in the middle of a roundabout in Larne.

After Larne the A2, also known as the Causeway Coastal Road, became significantly quieter, with magnificent views across the Irish Sea. However, due to the mist we couldn’t see too far. We did cycle through a small tunnel near to Drains Bay.

Soon it started to rain, and then rain much harder. We quickly changed into more waterproof jackets and pushed on. The road was almost Holland flat, with only 60m of elevation after 50km.

At Cushendun the Coastal road headed inland to avoid a large hill, but after we crossed the Glendun Viaduct the road went up, and continued up into thick fog for a long time. Fortunately we had good rear lights and fluorescent jackets. The descent was good though, until some idiot dropped his water bottle and had to stop to retrieve it.

Eventually the rain stopped as we dropped into Ballycastle. A steep little climb out of the town was followed by amazing views of the Mull of Kintyre. We pushed on towards the Giant’s Causeway and found our hostel. It’s no that good, but hotel prices near to the Causeway are an arm and a leg.

A quick shower and really good food at The Nook before entering the amazing visitors centre. You don’t have pay to walk to the Causeway, but this isn’t made clear, and it costs £12.50 to go into the visitors centre. We bought some postcards and vegan fudge and walked down the hill to the causeway itself.

It’s difficult to describe how amazing it is. Hexagonal rocks rising up out of the sea, with hundreds of tourists climbing over them.

Being a little tired after our 62 mile ride, we returned up the hill, had a refreshing pint and retired to the hostel. If they have a TV we might Bake-Off.

Today was wet and misty in places, amazing views and good food. Tomorrow we’re into Southern Ireland. Also, the vegan fudge wasn’t very nice.

Day 3 can be found here

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