St Oswald’s Way

We have a week off and my amazing wife booked a cottage in the small village of Alnmouth on the north east coast. This is an area that I’ve never visited, despite living in Hull for many years. It’s also been over ten years since Helen was here.

We arrived on the Saturday afternoon and took our silly pooch for a run on the beach. Nelly loves running on beaches.

The next morning we decided on a run up the coast along the St Oswald’s Way.

St Oswald was a Northumberland King in the 7th Century. The long distance path runs for 97 miles from Holy Island to Heavenfield at Hadrian’s Wall and is supposed to go through the places that were important during his reign.

We obviously weren’t going to run the whole thing. Instead we set off from Alnmouth and ran 4 miles north, just past Boulmer up to Longhoughton Steel, where we could see the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance.

We then ran the 4 miles back. Nelly was quite tired.

A good first day to our holiday. Can we stay?

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