Ramble from Amble

Wednesday of our week away was a long walk day. We opted for a bus to the town of Amble and then walking back via Warkworth and the St Oswald’s Way. At the bus stop we chatted to an older couple who were catching the earlier bus north to Craster and walking back.

I have a poor history with buses. On our honeymoon in Whitby we missed the stop for Robin Hood’s Bay and was given a hard time about it from the bus driver. Nelly also pumps a lot on buses. This time, I had my soft water bladder from my running vest on my lap. Nelly jumped up, planted a paw on my water bladder, which released water onto me. I felt the cold water, Nelly escaped down the bus and I looked like I’d wet myself. To say that Helen was amused is a slight understatement.

Once off the bus we walked down to the harbour in Amble before walking along the river Coquet to Walkworth.

The castle in Warkworth was closed, but a cafe plied us with cake. From Warkworth it was the beach all the way to Alnmouth. Nelly was in doggy heaven. Due to the river Aln, there is a bit of a detour to reach Alnmouth, although at low tide you can wade across. It wasn’t low tide. We therefore climbed up to see St Cuthbert’s cross, looking over the town.

Christmas day in 1806 there was a huge storm, resulting in the river Aln changing course, cutting off the cross from the town. Alnmouth also lost it’s harbour that day and subsequently the fishing fleet.

With tired legs we joined the footpath to take us back to our cottage. A very pleasant 9 and a half mile walk.

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