1154 Days

Last December I had a go at running every day (read about it here). I didn’t quite manage it as I had one day off in the middle of the month the day after the very tough Bowland Half Marathon (read about it here). Of course there are plenty of people out there who are running every day for far longer than one month. Emily Rudow from Toronto managed to run a half marathon every day for 74 days, and famously Ron Hill ran every day for 50 years. A couple of Ron’s ‘runs’ were up and down a hospital corridor on crutches, but I’m not going to quibble as it is a very impressive feat (or feet).

I like to think that triathlon training is a bit easier on the legs, in that instead of a run you can go for a swim or bike ride. I’ve managed to train every day for over three years. (For ‘train’ read upload something to Strava). Some of those days have been pretty epic, while others have been little more than a 20 minute swim or 15 minute gentle run.

1000 days

Inevitably all things must come to an end. My beautiful wife had been really ill last week, and I managed to pick up whatever it was she had, so yesterday I spent most of the day in bed and didn’t leave the house. Training streak over. 1154 consecutive days from 27th September 2016 to 24th November 2019. I thought that I might be upset or annoyed, but I’m actually quite sanguine about it, possibly knowing that if I have another full on rest day it won’t affect my streak.

If I’m feeling better in a few days then I might have another attempt at running every day in December, but you know what, it doesn’t matter if I don’t make it. Just enjoy your running (or swimming, or cycling, insert other sport here).

2 thoughts on “1154 Days

  1. Now that the pressure is off, you can enjoy whichever sport you choose for all its worth. Or truly enjoy a day of rest. I had a couple unintentional 4-week streaks of activity this summer and was surprised to feel myself pressured into performing. Breaking the streak was both disappointing and freeing. Life of the aging athlete trying to hang on I guess! Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment!

  2. I had a streak for over 3 years, at least a mile every day. I quit it after running the 2018 Boston Marathon and was sooooo relieved to have that monkey off my back. Now I don’t even sweat missing several days in a row. But congrats on your streak, it is a special thing to accomplish. I’m glad I did it.

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