Type II Fun

A few days ago I blogged about a longer run I did over Ward’s Stone (read about it here) where I mentioned that a small section of my run was definitely a bit ‘Type II’. Sean Conway, the ginger bearded adventurer often states that most of his longer multi-day adventures have been ‘Type II’. So what is Type II fun, and are there any other ‘Types’?

I’m not sure who originally came up with the concept of different types of fun, but here goes a short explanation (with regards to exercise and endurance sports/events).

Type I fun is when you completely enjoy an event the whole time that you’re doing it. For me that would be most parkruns, or going for a run with my beautiful wife and dog.

Type II fun would be when there are times or places during whatever it is you’re doing that you don’t completely enjoy. A fell run where the fog descends, an unexpected hill at mile 80 of a 100 mile ride, or mile 20 of a marathon. What makes it OK is that after the event and you’ve had chance to recover, you know that you’ll do it again and that you’ll telling everyone all about it, even the bad bits. For me this would be some of the best days out, on my own, with friends, or with Helen.

Type III fun is something that you don’t enjoy while doing it, and when you’ve finished it you have absolutely no inclination to ever do it again. The only race that I’ve ever done which would fall into this category for me would be a 6 hour run on a track which I attempted over 20 years ago. I’ve done longer races and I’ve done 6 hour races, but it was the track aspect of it that I really didn’t enjoy (hated it? Possibly). I decided to quite after I had done 105 laps, thinking that I had done a marathon, not realising at the time that a marathon had an additional 200m.

What’s been your best Type II day out?

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